12 June, 2022

All it takes is these set of APIs to complete your Customer Onboarding process in a matter of minutes!

Envision any typical customer onboarding process. The first thoughts which come to our mind are forms and plethora of document copies and signatures. With all the regulatory compliances in place, there are multiple checks to ensure safeguarding both the client as well as your organisation against frauds.

In today’s fast paced world, these checks are very easily deemed as the necessary evil. With Arya APIs, we aim to make this less evil and all the more safe all at the same time.

We present to you the Customer Onboarding API suite by Arya. Grouped together, these APIs can handle all your onboarding regulatory requirements with minimal effort.

Use case

Be it digital or in person on boarding, all necessary inputs can be provided to the Customer Onboarding suite of APIs.

Our suite of APIs

  1. Extract information from the KYC documents
  2. Match that information against the information provided while submission
  3. Detect and extracts Face from KYC ID of any
  4. Match the face on the ID with photo on submission
  5. Verify that photo on submission is not a spoof or fake and is that taken from a live person
  6. Extract and store the signature snippet if any from the submitted documents

And all of this in a matter of a few seconds! The whole flow was customised according to the needs of our client. At the end of this implementation, the client was extremely happy with the streamlined processing which made the process not only smooth but also safe.
Recognise document and extract document specific entities

APIs Involved



Passive Face Liveness Detection


Possible Add-ons


Virtual Verification

Aadhaar Masking


  • Single stop for all Customer Onboarding Process check
  • Streamlined processing finished in seconds
  • No overhead required for changes to any existing process
  • Easily scalable to handle large volumes
  • Customisable to suit specific needs, if any

Till this date, the customer processes approximately 1 million requests in a month, without any hiccups.