Sinarmas MSIG Enhancing Customer Onboarding Process with Face Recognition and ID Extraction APIs


With increasing digital processes, providing a robust customer onboarding experience holds paramount importance for businesses. However, companies encounter roadblocks such as lengthy manual processes, increased risk of identity theft, and a lack of streamlined verification systems.

This case study delves into the challenges faced in optimizing customer onboarding process and explores how our API solution has empowered Sinarmas in their efforts to enhance their customer onboarding process and mitigate the risks of identity theft.

Problems / Challenges

The company faced significant challenges in the manual verification of customer identities during the onboarding process. The traditional approach was time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays in the onboarding process.

Ensuring the security of customer data and preventing fraud attempts was a paramount concern. The reliance on manual processes made it difficult to detect potential identity theft or the use of fraudulent documents.

The traditional onboarding process was cumbersome and time consuming. This resulted in a poor user experience, potentially deterring prospective customers from completing the onboarding process.


The incorporation of Arya APIs significantly enhanced the security of the customer onboarding process. Let's delve into the transformative impact of our APIs and take a closer look at the streamlined processes they enable.

With Arya’s ID Extraction API, Sinarmas MSIG automated the extraction of relevant information from customer identification documents.

The Face Verification API allowed the company to compare the customer's live image with the photo on their identification document.

By implementing our Passive Face Liveness Detection API, they were able to detect and prevent spoofing attempts during the onboarding process.

By automating the extraction of customer information and verifying identities through Arya APIs, the company was able successfully improve their operational efficiency.The integration of APIs eliminated the need for manual verification processes and also reduced fraudulent risks.


Through the strategic integration of Passive Face Liveness Detection, Face Verification, and ID Extraction APIs, Sinarmas underwent a remarkable evolution in its customer onboarding process. The utilization of these cutting-edge APIs not only fortified security measures but also revolutionized operational efficiency, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

This case study serves as a testament to the transformative potential of advanced face recognition technology in optimizing customer-centric processes!

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