The term API is an acronym, and it stands for “Application Programming Interface”, which simplifies the communication between the applications.
  1. Register on Arya APIs platform
  2. Subscribe to the desired API Module
  3. Follow the documentation guidlines outlined within the subscribed module regarding token, endpoint, request and response formats
You can view API usage statistics from the “Dashboard” tab after logging in to your account. You can also view the statistics of a particular month by selecting it from the "Select Month" dropdown.

Step 1
Login to your account

Step 2
Go to the Dashboard from Top Navigation

Step 3
View by Month and API from dropdowns

For any API, you can manage your account credits from the “Subscriptions” tab after logging in to your account. 1 credit = 1 successful API call.
To add credits, find the API from your subscriptions list and click on “Add Credits” and choose the number of credits you want to add. You can also add multiple APIs by choosing on “Add More APIs” option.
Post successful payment, credits will be automatically incremented for your API subscriptions and you’ll get the Payment invoice via email and also downloadable from the platform.

Step 1
Login to your account and go to Subscriptions from Top Navigation

Step 2
Click on Add Credit button in front of the particular API

Step 3
Enter the no. of credits you wish to add and click on Pay Now

Browse to the API you’re interested in. Create your account on our platform with a verified Email ID and click on “Subscribe” to get started with your free trial of the API. Once subscribed successfully, your API authorisation token will be available in the “Documentation” tab.

Step 1
Login to your account

Step 2
Go to the API you wish to subscribe

Step 3
Click on the Subscribe button on Top Left

User authentication is done with a secret token to be passed in each API call header. This token is unique for each user and each of their subscriptions. Arya APIs doesn't store any user data provided in the API. All our systems and processes are strictly in accordance with the ISO 27001:2013 guidelines
Please reach out to us directly at [email protected]
  1. Subscribe to the desired API Module
  2. Get API endpoint and token details from documentation section
  3. While making API call pass token in request header with keyword 'token'
Every API subscription comes with a free trial of 50 API calls Also, If a user registers with their organisation/corporate email ID, they can avail 500 free API calls for five modules.
  1. KYC
  2. Face to BMI
  3. Emotion Analysis
  4. Face verification
  5. Salaryslip Extraction
No user data is stored at rest other than the count and status of the API calls

If you still haven't found your answers, our support team would be more than happy to help you.
Please write to us at [email protected]